Pilot Programs
Acute and Chronic Care Pilot program participants have been selected and implementation plans are moving forward.
Healthcare spending in the US tops 18 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and continues to increase. There is widespread agreement that the current healthcare reimbursement system does not do enough to promote wise use of scarce health care resources. The Partnership for Healthcare Payment Reform (PHPR) has developed pilot programs to encourage and reward quality healthcare, while implementing meaningful payment reform.

Acute and Chronic Care Pilot Programs will provide innovative care and payment options for qualified patients. The pilots’ multi-payer approach includes common incentive structures, as well as quality measurement and reporting to support faster adoption and spread of successful payment reform strategies. More than 100 PHPR work group participants from across Wisconsin are engaged in designing and implementing pilot projects in the areas of Acute Care and Chronic Care.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR) is an increasingly common acute care procedure with costs that frequently vary from provider to provider. PHPR selected TKR as an Acute Care Pilot Program because not only is it a common surgical procedure, but because there is strong evidence that a bundled care program could improve both quality and affordability of care. . Learn more...

PHPR has developed a Chronic Care Pilot Program to promote care coordination and improve the treatment of adult diabetes, a chronic condition that is affecting large numbers of people in Wisconsin and the nation. Learn more...

Partner Initiatives Showcase
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Third Party Initiatives
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